We will strive to improve our corporate value toward a market capitalization of 100 billion yen by December 2026. 

We will always give a high stakeholder’s special interest, and thank you very much. 

The Company was newly listed on the JASDAQ market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2016, and 10 years later, by December 2026, the Company will improve its business performance by increasing sales and profits by 30% every year in order to achieve a market capitalization of 100 billion yen. We are working to improve corporate value. 

There are about five specific measures. 

The first point is the promotion of sales channel expansion.
Our branded condominium “GENOVIA” series will be supplied mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo, where strong rental demand is expected in the future, within a 10-minute walk from the nearest station, and will be environmentally friendly by greening the walls, etc., as an investment real estate. We are increasing the value. However, the purchasers of our property are currently mainly from the Kanto and Chubu regions due to the approach from the Tokyo head office. Therefore, in the future, with a view to further improving our name recognition and expanding our sales bases, we will set up bases in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, etc. in addition to the Tokyo head office and promote nationwide expansion. 

Second, we will focus on selling from wholesale sales to real estate sales companies to real estate management companies, etc. on a building-by-building basis.
In wholesale sales to real estate sales companies, our profit margin is suppressed because we sell at wholesale prices. On the other hand, when selling to real estate management companies, etc., the profit margin will improve because you will be required to purchase each building as an investor. In addition, sales in one building can include family types that are difficult to wholesale to real estate sales companies, and sales and profits can be expected to increase. Therefore, we will strive to improve the sales ratio of each building to real estate management companies. 

Thirdly, in order to continuously secure the properties to be purchased, we will continue to have good relationships with the suppliers so that we can obtain property information at an early stage, and maintain the repeat rate of the current suppliers of 80%. We will also strengthen the development of new suppliers.
In the 23 wards of Tokyo, within a 10-minute walk from the nearest station, purchasing competition is intensifying, but we do not borrow for the total purchase amount including land, and about 5% of the total purchase amount. We are promoting exclusive properties that can secure purchased properties with a small amount of deposit. As a result, our financial condition has improved and it is easier to enter information on purchased properties. While continuing to purchase exclusive properties, we will develop new suppliers and strive to expand the number of properties for sale. 

The fourth point is the promotion of new businesses.
We are promoting new businesses through M & A and establishment of new companies, and we recognize that it is necessary to further expand new businesses in order to expand our business performance and increase our corporate value in the future. The target business is not limited to the real estate business, which is the current main business area, but we will also invite experts from different industries to strive to become a pillar of our business. By doing so, we believe that it will be possible to achieve stable growth in business performance in any business environment while diversifying risks. 

The fifth point is the recruitment and training of excellent human resources.
In order to expand business performance, such as expanding sales channels on a nationwide scale, securing purchased properties, and entering new businesses, it is important to hire and develop human resources. In addition to the existing new graduates and mid-career hires, we are also actively hiring careers such as professionals, and by hiring excellent human resources regardless of race, gender, age, etc., each business division We will raise the level of our business and further expand our business performance. 

In addition, in order for our company to continue to grow sustainably and improve its corporate value, we believe that management that emphasizes ESG (E: environment, S: society, G: governance) is necessary. We will strengthen governance throughout the Group and actively engage in ESG activities such as environmental and social issues. We also support the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and will make efforts to contribute to society. 

We look forward to your continued guidance and support. 

代表取締役社長 長嶋義和