Newly formulated Purpose and Vision

Create a real estate company that represents the 21st century

We will always give a high stakeholder’s special interest, and thank you very much.

Since our founding, we have been supplying newly built condominiums mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo, within a 10-minute walk from the nearest station, with the mission of enriching the lives of purchasers and contributing to society through real estate.

In the 17th term since its founding, the Group has significantly increased the number of employees by expanding its business performance and diversifying its business, aggressively hiring activities, and adding new companies. Some employees have been working together for more than 10 years, while young employees in the first and second years are enrolled.
Therefore, in order for our company to grow sustainably in the future, we thought that it was necessary for the entire company to work together to clarify the significance of the business we are confident in, that is, the significance of our existence and the stage we should aim for in the future.

Therefore, as a new Purpose, we have established the significance of existence of “providing real estate globally as a safe and reliable property and contributing to society”, and we will continue to provide real estate globally from the beginning of our founding and contribute to society. I have clarified that. We also want our employees to be confident that our business is contributing to society and to enrich their lives.
In addition, as Vision, we have established a medium- to long-term vision of “creating a real estate company that represents the 21st century” by 2030.

This vision of “creating a real estate company that represents the 21st century” is a big vision of catching up and overtaking real estate companies that are said to be large companies.
Twenty years ago, ten years ago, and even now, such large companies occupy the top rankings in the market capitalization ranking of real estate companies. We would like to expand our business with the vision of becoming a leading real estate company in the 21st century by placing us at the top of this long-standing ranking.

Toward this vision, we will increase sales and profits with an average annual growth rate of 30% to 40% due to the expansion of existing and new businesses. Will be achieved.
In particular, we believe it is necessary to increase sales channels by promoting REIT businesses and to generate business synergies through M & A.
In addition, it is thanks to our employees that the Group has grown so far, and the source of growth is human resources. To achieve this vision, the presence of many employees who share Purpose and Vision is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to create an environment where promising employees can work lively and confidently for a long period of time, and we will realize that environment.

Furthermore, sustainability is an important factor for business expansion. We are confident that by managing our business in response to environmental and social issues, we will be able to select our company for our business partners and employees, and we will be able to grow over the long term. By actively contributing to the resolution of environmental and social issues, we will continue to grow and realize “creating a company that represents the 21st century.”

We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

代表取締役社長 長嶋義和