Goodcom Asset’s goal is to become a famous company that is known as the top real estate development by everyone in the world.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders for their continued exceptional pleasure. On April 24, 2018 Market changes to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange . I have the honour to inform your excellency.

Since establishment, Goodcom Asset uphold an idea that “we provide reliable and high quality products globally, hoping that our customer will be happy”. Our products are high quality new property for sale domestically and internationally.

Recently, there are various real estate services and variety to satisfy customers’ demands. Among all the real estate companies, Goodcom Asset is one of the highly trusted companies, yet, we will continue to grow. The reason why we can achieve what we achieved today is the manage ideology of the company. We are honest toward our customer and we constantly improve to provide high quality new mansion to the customer.


In order to do so, Goodcom Asset realized the importance of diversity. We have been hiring all kind of people, as well as extending the length to train our employee. To contribute to our society, we believe that all of our employee cannot be lack of education and experience.

With that in mind, no matter 10 years or 20 years or longer, we will obey all laws; provide excellent service to our customer.
Please look forward to Goodcom Asset’s future and prosperity.