History / Organization Chart


November, 2005
Goodcom Asset Inc. established in Nakano district, Tokyo, Japan
January, 2006
Governor of Tokyo license obtained
March, 2006
Business cooperation with JACCS
May, 2006
Due to business expansion, office relocated to Honmachi ni-chome, Nakano district (Nakano-sakaue Station).
Goodcom Asset co. Ltd.
October, 2007
Due to business expansion, office relocated to Nishi-shinjuku go-chome, Shinjuku district.
January, 2008
Private brand GENOVIA series’ sale begin
March, 2008
Subsidiary Good Com Co. Ltd established. In order to proceed real estate rental management business.
October, 2010
Office relocated to Nishi-shinjuku nana-chome, Shinjuku district.
July, 2011
Wall greening design (brand name “green veil”) is being adopted.
February, 2014
Registered as sponsor of National Center for Removal of Criminal Organization
November, 2014
Goodcom Asset co. Ltd. 10th years anniversary
February, 2015
Registered as sponsor of Japan DDT Pro Wrestling League
March, 2015
Roof greening design (brand name “skygarden”) is being adopted.
March, 2015
Taiwan branch established
December, 2016
Tokyo Stock Exchange listing stock JASDAQ
December, 2016
Signed sponsor contract with TOKYO VERDY, Inc. (Abbreviate: Tokyo Verdy).
May, 2017
China branch established
Jun, 2017
Market changes to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
April, 2018
Market changes to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
February, 2019
Signed sponsor contract with Football Club Tokyo, Inc. (Abbreviate: F.C. Tokyo).
February, 2020
Capital Support Consulting Co., Ltd. established
September, 2020
New entry of Real estate guarantor service. ROOM BANK INSURE Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned subsidiary.
April, 2022
From the first section of the market to the prime market due to the reorganization of the market segment of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Organization Chart