Our Vision and Principle

Origin of our company's name

Good Company Asset → Good Com Asset
Good Company → Good Com

Our goal is to become a globalized and prominent company.
Meanwhile, we actively support charity and give back to the community.
Our company’s name was shorten to “COM”, in order to remind ourselves to strive for perfection.

Our Vision and Principle


Contributing to society by providing real estate globally as a safe and reliable property.


Create a real estate company that represents the 21st century.

About our brand GENOVIA

Human and Green coexisting ecological design.
Genovia = GENE + VIA (Very Important Apartment)

GENOVIA is a combination of two words GENE and VIA (Very Important Apartment). Gene express our hope of continuity. In Europe, it is not uncommon to see buildings that are over 100 years. In London or Paris, people love their houses and take good care of them. Our goal is that building that we built will be love and cherish by people for a long time.

About Good Com Asset's Code of Conduct

Our principle is to provide reliable and high quality real estates to our world-wide customer for investment. We insist to make sure that every one of our customer is satisfied with our products and services. We believe that bringing happiness to our customer is our mission. In order to achieve this principle, we require all of our executives and employees to follow the following code of conduct

  1. Provide sincerity and quality service
    We serve our customer with sincerity. We insist to provide high quality products and service to our customer.
  2. Compliance with law and regulation
    In order to guarantee our credit to the customer, we strictly require our company to follow all kinds of laws, rules, as well as ethical code.
  3. Utilization and Protection of company’s property
    To bring out best real estates for investment, we take strict protection on company’s property (including intellectual property) and make good use of it.
  4. Respect for human rights
    We comply strictly with the international human rights standards. In addition, we educate our executives and employees to increase their understanding and awareness of human rights issues.We ensure non-discriminatory treatment of all our employees and work toward assuring equal employment opportunity to all our employees. In addition, we also make sure that our business is conducted with due consideration to human rights. We do not allow child labor, forced labor and disciplinary punishment in any form.
  5. Disclosure company’s information with justice
    We interact with our future shareholders by disclosure our company’s information at proper time with justice.
  6. Anti-villain force
    We refuse to work with all kinds of groups or organizations that would possibly threaten our society.
  7. Privacy policy
    We collect personal information through legal means. Personal information that we collected will be highly secure and will be prevent from leakage, missing, destroyed, or any other illegal use.

Updated: February 12, 2019