About Property Investment

About Property Investment

Property investment is becoming a mansion owner and rent your mansion to a third party for rent income. Even if you used mortgage loan to buy this property, you can use rent income to pay off your mortgage loan.

Property investment is a great way to solve pension, inheritance tax, and inflation problem. Therefore, property investment is popular among salary men and public officials. Moreover, joining a so-called group credit life insurance can replace life insurance.

※ About group credit life insurance
Credit life insurance is a life insurance policy designed to pay off a borrower’s debt if that borrower dies or disable.

Use rent income to pay off mortgage loan. After paying off all the debt, rent income become your personal


Merit of property investment

  1. small amount of money and you can start your investment
    Some places, you do not need down payment and you can start your investment
  2. For better retirement life, make sure you have enough pension!
    You do not need to rely entirely on public pension
  3. Inheritance tax reduce
    Less than 30% compare to other apartment
  4. Replaces life insurance so you are prepared even if something happened
    Leave your family with property and stable income
  5. Resist inflation
    Your property will not depreciate even inflation occurred.

Demerit of property investment

  1. high-yield investment depends on examination
    higher yield compare to the bank
  2. interest goes up and risk of currency exchange
    if there is trouble, choose a company that has proper support system
  3. No resident, no income
    select guarantee income system
  4. Building aging or risks such as earthquake, fire, etc
    land will be your eternal property