Support System

In order to let owner to have a smooth property investment
Good com Asset brought in “G.C. System” as our management system.
Help owner to release all kind of insecure emotion.

What is G.C System

Make sure quality of incoming resident, remind resident to pay any delay rent, renewal procedure, room cleaning, etc. we have a complete support system for owner.

* there will be extra commision charged
* if you wish to know more about our support system, please contact us

Vacant property procedure

  • Resident Recruitment

    Use real estate company’s website to recruit resident for owner.

  • Screening of applicants

    Careful screening procedure and ask owner for promission.

  • Representation of lease agreement

    We represent as middleman to sign least agreement with resident. Resident has responsibility to provide a joint guarantor and seal registration certificate. Corporation needs to provide company brochure or copy of a registration certificate.

  • Direct Deposit(Contract money)

    When we received money from contract, we will transfer it to owner’s account immediately.

  • Sending a full statement

    Mail to owner contract and rent statement

  • Direct Deposit(Rent)

    We will transfer rent money to owner’s account as soon as possible.

  • Direct Deposit(Administrative expense)

    Owner is responsible to transfer administrative expense and deposit to manage company.
    * If it was automatic charge, it will be transfer to owner’s account along with rent.

  • Claim management

    If resident had any complaint toward the mansion , we will help you handle the problem.

  • Renewal and cancellation(one month before residency over)

    If the resident wish to renew contract, we will be the agent to help the resident with this procedure. We also provide service that help the resident to finish checkout procedure.

  • Room CleaningRoom cleaning

    We provide room cleaning service.

  • Refuding the deposit

    Room cleaning fee will be deduct from resident’s deposit. The rest of the money will be return to the resident.

  • Resident recruitment

    After the resident checked-out, we will help finding a new resident.